C.J. Perry – A love letter and the biggest thank you to the WWE fans for everything @thecjperry

A love letter and the biggest thank you to the WWE fans for everything the past 8 years !

10 swipes wasn’t enough space to put so many of my insane memories of being on Raw & Smackdown & NXT over the past 8 years. The character Lana, was passionate, disciplined, Russian, Ravishing and she loved LOVE. She had lots of ex’s, many weddings & divorces, flags, tanks, CRUSH, Rusev & literally 900 partners( that’s coming in the next swipe 🤪)

CJ, the girl that played the character Lana, wants to say THANK YOU to so many people ! Thank you to my real life husband @tobemiro ! I can’t really describe how much I love & adore you. There would be no Lana without Rusev. Some of my favorite times was you calling me “cold fish Lana” on TV, or you becoming champion on your birthday on Christmas Day ! I loved watching you wrestle ringside. You truly are the best at what you do. There wasn’t one day in the past 14 months at work that I didn’t miss you dearly.

Thank you to @tripleh for hiring me

Thank you to @natbynature & @tjwilson711 for believing in me and teaching me.

@yaonlylivvonce thank you. I love you beyond words. I’m going to miss spending so much time with you at work & on the road 💔❤️

@qosbaszler @niajaxwwe thank you for being the big bad guys and villains that every show needs & putting me through 9 tables !

@trinity_fatu I will forever go through fire for you. If you want to fight I’ll fight, if you want to dance,
I will dance ! I miss tiktoking our lives away already !

@wwe_asuka thank you for being my tag partner, for truly showing me that bad asses like yourself can do everything ! Wrestle, vlog, dance, video games, tiktok, and KICK ASS !

@saronasnukawwe thank you for coming to arenas early for years & getting in the ring and having matches with me. When no one was watching. You made me tough. From day 1. I knew you would be champion.

@paulheyman thank you. Not just for opportunities but for teaching me important life lessons.

Thank you to the rest of the Raw women’s locker. You all taught me so much and became my family.
@mandysacs @ashasebera_danabrooke @nikkicrosswwe @cassielee @rhearipley_wwe @charlottewwe @alexa_bliss_wwe_

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Catherine Joy “CJ” Perry is an American professional wrestler, professional wrestling manager, actress, dancer, model, and singer. She is best known for her time in the professional wrestling promotion WWE, under the ring name Lana.

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  1. I love this tribute. I always tear up watching your victory qualifying for MITB ladder match. The pop you got was real and touching.

  2. Thank you CJ for bringing such an inspirational character to our screens! Lana is number 1, Lana is the best!!! ❤️

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