Leonardo DiCaprio – From @oceana: The U.S. Senate passed the Shark Fin Sales Elimination A @leonardodicaprio

From @oceana: The U.S. Senate passed the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act (S. 1106) — a bill that would ban the buying and selling of shark fins in the United States — as part of a broader legislative package known as the United States Innovation and Competition Act (S. 1260). This brings us one step closer to removing the U.S. from the shark fin trade.

Global oceanic shark and ray populations have declined by more than 70% over the last 50 years, with overfishing as the primary cause, according to a study published in Nature earlier this year. The demand for shark fins incentivizes overfishing and shark finning.

We now turn our attention to the U.S. House of Representatives. Tell your Representative to pass a #FinBanNow using the link in @oceana’s bio! We’re so close for sharks and our oceans.

#sharks #oceans #WorldOceansDay #conservation #environment

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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is an American actor, film producer, and environmentalist. He has played unconventional roles, usually in biopics and period films. As of 2019, his films have grossed $7.2 billion worldwide, and he placed eight times in annual rankings of the world’s highest-paid actors.

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  1. They have been gaming in Japan for years im happy they habitats for protection that makes me a happier person knowing the whales are being protected.

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