Leonardo DiCaprio – From @racingextinction: Wolves still need your help. Senate Bill 1211 @leonardodicaprio

From @racingextinction:
Wolves still need your help.
Senate Bill 1211 is allowing the slaughter of 90% of Idaho’s 1,500 wolves effective July 1. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is seeking public comment on regulations to allow wolves to be killed with traps, snares, dogs, and in dens along with pups.⁠

Head to the link in my bio to take action. It takes less than a minute and the deadline is June 13.

Photo by @hannah_gabrielson

#RacingExtinction @ProjectCoyoteOrg

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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is an American actor, film producer, and environmentalist. He has played unconventional roles, usually in biopics and period films. As of 2019, his films have grossed $7.2 billion worldwide, and he placed eight times in annual rankings of the world’s highest-paid actors.

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  2. That is so wrong wolves deserve to live and raise there young they are beautiful creatures all creature deserve to live there life to the fullest it is not up to us witch amimal lives or dies they wer placed on the same planet as us it hurts me to see the way these creature are treated

  3. Omg this is so fucked up, not a regulation or management this is actual genocide of a species. Shame on the government

  4. Wtf is wrong with people leo I think you are doing the right thing by putting a light on this issue @leonardodicaprio you would think there is a better way to handle this 😢

  5. Merde sheet! Meme en cinghalais ou en n importe quelle langue je continuerai de dire des gros mots..je m apprête tant que je peux à passer un examen médical pas evident..à ne pas projeter, a essayer de vivre dans l instant present etc..je prends des news d un ex, artiste etc..on s ecrit des choses..il va se marier je pensais que c etait fait..bref..je passe sur ses defauts…puisque j ai les miens..et il me dit ” sinon à part cet echange factuel” quoi d autre ? Ouaouh! Je lui ai ecris que je voulais simplement prendre des news..et je le sens là, dans son art, avec sa femme, en Norvège pour l instant barré encore dans un trip d egocentrisme…mais comment il faisait Gandhi? Moi je peux pas..pour l instant…Factuel..”..je lui ai parlé de mes projets d une façon de voir le monde..qu on etait tous un univers…lui mba dit qu il etait bien dans le sien…pas changé en 10 ans d un poil..enfin si…mais pas en mieux je crois..sinon c est un bon peintre…je dois faire abstraction des defaits des gens puisque j ai les miens..mais ” les gens qui se narcissisent”..j ai beaucoup de mal..

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  7. Speaking of killing wolves, its hard to see a Hebrew boy spite another Hebrew boy so terribly. Like when Moses told Aaron to give up his wifes letter B. Hot desert. Its Yosemite. Seth Rogen: Jonah Floatin til Infinity if you Listen to my Letter B.

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