Jada Pinkett Smith – I have soooo much love and respect for Erica and today I hope you chec @jadapinkettsmith

I have soooo much love and respect for Erica and today I hope you check out this video where she talks through how to turn PAIN INTO POWER❣️ We are all going through so much and Erica has 7 tips on how to transform difficulty into peace. I hope you find her tips as helpful as I have✨Happy Monday💫 @wetheculture


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Jada Koren Pinkett Smith is an American actress, screenwriter, producer, talk show host, businesswoman, and occasional singer-songwriter. She is best known for her roles in A Different World, The Nutty Professor, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Gotham and Girls Trip.

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  1. #58343lulusgourmetcrackers's avatar.lulusgourmetcrackers

    Queen moves Quenn status quo “humble servant ” 🇵🇸✊🏼 we love u @ericaford_ilovemylife

  2. #58344polly.neal.1's avatar.polly.neal.1

    👏 I almost didn’t watch this because I felt it didn’t apply to me. But it did and I know that it would be a great piece for my children.❤️

  3. #58347destin.sharp.547's avatar.destin.sharp.547

    Get it out stood out the most I been trying learn how to release my creativity but its hard…

  4. #58348kalimama246's avatar.kalimama246

    This was beautiful. Thank you @ericaford_ilovemylife. Internal and external barriers resonated with me the most.

  5. #58349taramsheahan's avatar.taramsheahan

    You are my HERO!!! Everyone at Life Camp is Love in Action!!! Thank you Erica ‘Peace Warrior’ Ford!!! Aho!!!

  6. #58350glamour_queenlorraine's avatar.glamour_queenlorraine

    Powerful message❤️

  7. #58351mss_oyinkan's avatar.mss_oyinkan


  8. #58352cj_johnson1967's avatar.cj_johnson1967

    Yeeesss knowing your triggers is monumental

  9. #58353sadikbekovich's avatar.sadikbekovich

    Hello, how are you doing? My name is Dastan I am from Kazakhstan from the city of Shymkent, I would like to ask you for help, we very much need your help, please help us to save the house of parents, we can be evicted from home, we in a family of 8 people parents are already old children, we can stay on the street without a roof over their heads

  10. #58356mrsmonab's avatar.mrsmonab

    I’m going to work on Alkaline, I hate water, don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and more importantly I’m addicted to sugar, thx RTT/Erika

  11. #58357sassi4764's avatar.sassi4764

    tu as du talent, félicitations 👏👏❤️

  12. #58359slimbadee's avatar.slimbadee

    Where have you been all my life sis👏? I have so much to say, but I’m speechless. Dat was perfect. Nd at perfect timing 🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. #58363amorablessing's avatar.amorablessing

    2 best books I’ve ever read on trauma for those who need them… what happened to you by oprah and dr. bruce perry and the politics of trauma by staci haines

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