Maitland Ward – My journey to the world of adult from Hollywood written by me is up no @maitlandward

My journey to the world of adult from Hollywood written by me is up now on @thedailybeast! (link in story) I’m really proud of this one guys, so I hope you enjoy! 👇 Leave me a comment after and let me know your thoughts! ❤️

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Maitland Ward is an American pornographic actress, model, and former television actress. She played Rachel McGuire on the sitcom Boy Meets World and Jessica Forrester on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. In 2019, she transitioned from mainstream acting to performing in pornographic films.

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  1. Some might argue it was your own narcissism and greed that wouldn’t allow you to accept the fact your 15 minutes of fame was up. And that narcissism and greed forced you to cuckold your husband, and sale your body, soul and morals in an attempt to hold on to some relevance in FRONT of a camera for an audience. I’d suggest finding some help. Cause the porn gig will soon be up and your going to be even more unhappy than you are now. I don’t want to see your last act (suicide) being reported on the evening news

  2. This is blowing my mind you were Rachel on BMW. Never realized that and I watched every episode

  3. #125477honeybadger608's avatar.honeybadger608

    I had no idea that’s amazing and so happy for you

  4. I really enjoyed reading your fascinating and outstanding article! That’s really messed up how mainstream was limiting your opportunities as actress! I’m so glad that you are in the industry,Beautiful!

  5. Freedom? Freedom to get jizzed on by strangers for the world to see for all eternity? Ok free bird

  6. #125480zacharytrvargas's avatar.zacharytrvargas

    Hope you still keep up on cosplay

  7. #125482italianprincess10's avatar.italianprincess10

    @maitlandward you are one badass Chick

  8. #125483keithhall_carter's avatar.keithhall_carter

    Youve told me first hand when webgirst met we have no secrets ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. #125485markimarkeemark's avatar.markimarkeemark

    Porn is hardly a saviour. Porn chews up people and spits them out. You were better off trying to be a legit actor.

  10. #125486james.delamarter.16's avatar.james.delamarter.16

    ❤️❤️❤️ Just more Beautiful You😍 ❤️❤️❤️

  11. #125487razzledazzleraptor's avatar.razzledazzleraptor

    Did you expose the pedophile elite in Hollywood in the book?

  12. #125488gemelasgarage's avatar.gemelasgarage

    I’d love to read it. Where can I find the article?

  13. #125491kasjer_tesco's avatar.kasjer_tesco

    Interesting !!! It’s controversial, but very exact idea… ; O

  14. #125493markymark487's avatar.markymark487

    I wonder if she would return if they had a Boy M wrld reunion or comic con

  15. #125494big_o_popamericaent's avatar.big_o_popamericaent

    Wow… I was crushing on you and @daniellefishel back then 😍😍😍😍

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