Mia Khalifa – Without federal aid, the pandemic threatens to permanently close 85% o @miakhalifa

Without federal aid, the pandemic threatens to permanently close 85% of independent restaurants. 16M people risk losing their jobs. It’s time Congress steps up to #SaveRestaurants by passing the RESTAURANTS Act. Share this video and take action now at the link in my bio. @indprestaurants


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Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American media personality, webcam model, and former pornographic actress. She began acting in pornography in October 2014, becoming the most viewed performer on Pornhub in two months.

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  1. #129780dragonslayer_175's avatar.dragonslayer_175

    Why don’t you pay em off with your 178k

  2. Блять по русски,сука.

  3. So done w/ public figures talking. Do something about it 🤷🏼‍♂️ 2020

  4. #129790kaizen_reigns's avatar.kaizen_reigns

    Andrew Yang was right. AI is taking over. So sad Restaurants and small businesses are closing when the rich keep making Billions in profits. The other sad one is education, teachers don’t want to open schools but unfortunately that will end up costing many their jobs because we don’t need as many teachers if we do online schooling. It’s a catch 22 very sad.

  5. ولله محدي غيرك خرج يكون رئيس كلنا مننتخبيك كلنا منحضريك 🧘‍♂️😆😍

  6. #129795twatface0808's avatar.twatface0808

    The pandemic is not threatening to permanently close anything…

  7. #129800davidnayfeld's avatar.davidnayfeld


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