Adriana Chechik – Wow! Where to start, I still can’t believe the experience I had yester @bratnasty69

Wow! Where to start, I still can’t believe the experience I had yesterday. Thankfully my guide, @chane.jenkinson_photography was there to help me keep cool. While walking in the bush we encountered two hyena who then ran only 10 feet by us! Three beautiful white rhinos grazing during sunset, spotted by a wilder beast who then alerted all the grazing animals we were there. It was so surreal to have zebras running so close. This has by far topped all of my expectations. I am still so awe struck. Thankyou again @chane.jenkinson_photography for beautiful game drives and memories. If your ever @sabisabireserve I highly recommend you ask for her! (Also let’s get her insta following up! She has some amazing photos of Africa’s animals in action.)

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Adriana Chechik is an American pornographic actress. as per Wikipedia!

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  1. #191985mrjamesturley's avatar.mrjamesturley

    Looks like you had a super fun time in my mother country SA! There is loads more to see and do here, you’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg!

  2. #191986alecdfarrell's avatar.alecdfarrell

    @bratnasty69 did you know packs of hyenas are usually lead by females?

  3. #191988c.albertocorral's avatar.c.albertocorral

    Congratulations for your work; it’s very good.

  4. #191992imrichinthisbitch's avatar.imrichinthisbitch

    Jesus Christ. Y’all are in the fuckin bush!! Amazing.

  5. #192002double_g_361_832_tx's avatar.double_g_361_832_tx

    This is awesome!… I thought rhinos were extinct!

  6. #192005kirkdavis14's avatar.kirkdavis14

    How amazing is Africa eh ?? Been lucky enough to have been twice and still wish I were still there. Love the posts of yours about the place 😍

  7. #192006k_a_r_o_a_r_u_n's avatar.k_a_r_o_a_r_u_n


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