Chris Hemsworth – Just landed in LA and thought I’d kick things off with a super light h @chrishemsworth

Just landed in LA and thought I’d kick things off with a super light healthy meal 💪💪

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Christopher Hemsworth AM is an Australian actor. He rose to prominence playing Kim Hyde in the Australian television series Home and Away before beginning a film career in Hollywood

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  1. #193042therussobrothers's avatar.therussobrothers

    Please don’t tell us that’s pineapple…

  2. #193045rudhrakshjaiswal1's avatar.rudhrakshjaiswal1

    Seems really healthy! 🍕😂🤪

  3. #193046torre.washington's avatar.torre.washington

    Super light and healthy 😂😂😂

  4. “Super light healthy meal”😂🤣🔥

  5. #193056mcu_persian's avatar.mcu_persian

    پیازم باهاش بخور کریس جون💙

  6. #193059mydarlingmyla's avatar.mydarlingmyla

    I mean, I’m seeing all of the main food groups. Also, pepperoni is a fruit right??🤪

  7. #193060kayleighnagtegaal's avatar.kayleighnagtegaal

    @nathaliemunti @soraya_em @selinaleticiad xoxo

  8. #193061cheryldouglas35's avatar.cheryldouglas35

    @j0j01904 @suzslats guess what I’m looking at 😂 🍗

  9. @justin_j_hsu @anna_halskov Okay i’m going on a super light meals diet now so i look like thor

  10. #193064victoria_42_'s avatar.victoria_42_

    @dudamariaba @carolina.rodriggues ele postou a foto que eu tirei dele no nosso encontro na pizzaria hahahahah

  11. Quiero ser pizza @danaltorres16 ❤️

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