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George Timothy Clooney is an American actor and filmmaker. He is the recipient of three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards, one for acting in Syriana and the other for co-producing Argo. In 2018, he was the recipient of the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award.

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  1. #192465sherry123zumo's avatar.sherry123zumo

    @salima3756 oh please, she’s exactly the thing Clooney would choose to give America the finger

  2. #1924671126magnolia's avatar.1126magnolia

    And, Now Georgie has 2 More Muslims in his home, OH!!!! Wait I have a thought Hillary can be these Muslims kids Baby Sitter(HA!! HA!!) Georgie Loves this Liar, Corruption thing SO!!Stay OUT of OUR GREAT AMERICA

  3. #192469setareh_ghareh_bagh's avatar.setareh_ghareh_bagh

    Your wife is beautiful inside and outside. I just learned what you did for refugees kids education. God bless both of you😍😍

  4. #192470setareh_ghareh_bagh's avatar.setareh_ghareh_bagh

    Being a Muslim,a christian, a jew or Buddihst is not important as long as not feeling and caring for all. Divinity without humanity is naked. Prejudice and fundamentalism are plague. I don’t ask what is your faith. I prefer to see God in your godly behavior. What a shame to read some comments

  5. #192471setareh_ghareh_bagh's avatar.setareh_ghareh_bagh

    This woman is secular and educated. The haters must be ashamed of their low and idiotic notions.

  6. #192472tapilotestela's avatar.tapilotestela


  7. @sokainabk esta es su mujer, la arabe

  8. @bxyb_ Aaaa pues si que es guapa y joven

  9. #192475richardsonjessi's avatar.richardsonjessi

    I love the fact that when George finally married, he chose brains & personality OVER looks!!! He didn’t marry a super model or gorgeous actress, he married someone intelligent & interesting! ❤️

  10. #192476vicky_ioannidou's avatar.vicky_ioannidou


  11. #192479soheeil.ahmadii's avatar.soheeil.ahmadii

    کاش شما رفیق ما بودی نه به خاطر ۱ میلیون دلار نه،چون خوشتیپی میگم.

  12. #192481lusinegevorgyanmargaryan's avatar.lusinegevorgyanmargaryan

    emails have been deleted,you hate me, who did it? I’m physically getting smaller now, and you disregard me, what me doing? I came to the meeting, but meeting was not organized,I know you’re spent a lot of money in 2016 and now I’m going to die.please not to leave me

  13. #192484lusinegevorgyanmargaryan's avatar.lusinegevorgyanmargaryan

    Who is it this woman? she armenian from Libanan or a Judish? this man a black magician․ He have many many profils in internet and write to stranger womans, he wrote me many times, he spoke about sex about -minet. This man comein Armenia with AURORA PRIZE for me!!! for me a humanitary prize!!! this woman have a two child?, this couple a AGENTS … KILL this mans kill PEOPLE HELP ME!!!!!

  14. #192485anita.bollini86's avatar.anita.bollini86


  15. #192486julieyak1stphorm's avatar.julieyak1stphorm

    Amal lowered her standards when she married George Clooney He’s a nice guy but certainly no intellectual.

  16. #192488mountaingirlco2006's avatar.mountaingirlco2006


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