Jada Pinkett Smith – It’s Monday and I needed to smile #OurType@adriennebanfieldnorris @wil @jadapinkettsmith

It’s Monday and I needed to smile😆 #OurType✨@adriennebanfieldnorris @willowsmith


Here is the Latest Update from Jada Pinkett Smith from Her Instagram @jadapinkettsmith. if you are the biggest fan of Jada Pinkett Smith and love to see her photos daily you can bookmark our website ( InstaSharing ) to find the Daily Latest Update from Jada Pinkett Smith.
Jada Koren Pinkett Smith is an American actress, screenwriter, producer, talk show host, businesswoman, and occasional singer-songwriter. She is best known for her roles in A Different World, The Nutty Professor, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Gotham and Girls Trip.

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  1. Can we just talk about how bomb that front door is 🙌🏼🔥

  2. Why does yo mama look like your sister

  3. #175357jayb_fitness4life's avatar.jayb_fitness4life

    Love you all …love me some Mom❤️❤️❤️

  4. #175358anitramhandmadesoaps's avatar.anitramhandmadesoaps

    @jadapinkettsmith you should allow me to ship you a couple of bars of goat milk soap. My treat ❤️

  5. #175363nikolaymandinga's avatar.nikolaymandinga

    I wanna hang out with your mum 😂😂 plzzz

  6. #175364wisha.carmona's avatar.wisha.carmona

    Old school music for sure!! 👏🏽

  7. #175365awomanscent's avatar.awomanscent

    Willow has her dad’s personality…cute. 😍

  8. #175366chocolat_973's avatar.chocolat_973

    La fille ressemble trop à son père 👍🏾 trois génération de femmes Magnifiques. ❤️😍🥰

  9. Tell you Scorpio without telling me you a Scorpio jada and willow

  10. #175372bosslady_vs's avatar.bosslady_vs

    I love these 3 beautiful women 💝,,

  11. #175374charleenmc85's avatar.charleenmc85

    @jaboidiamcintyre @sadedanie @neah711 @klearanora we have do do this 😂😅

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