Kamala Harris – Florida, it’s great to be back! @kamalaharris

Florida, it’s great to be back!


Here is the Latest Update from Kamala Harris from Her Instagram @kamalaharris. Bookmark ( InstaSharing ) to find the Daily Latest Update from Kamala Harris.
Kamala Devi Harris is an American politician and attorney who is the 49th and current vice president of the United States. She is the first female vice president and the highest-ranking female official in U.S. history, as well as the first African American and first Asian American vice president.

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  1. #192806krichkrichy's avatar.krichkrichy

    @young_art.sr make Our VP some special sneakers!

  2. #192807jelin_jameson_george's avatar.jelin_jameson_george

    Respect you…..♥️🔥

  3. So why do you put a dogs face on your profile instead of your photo? “Biden got more Votes than any other President in our entire history”

  4. #192809jah_blessed_'s avatar.jah_blessed_

    @jon_benny_walker when your new VP puts the american flag backwards!!!!!!! What a kook

  5. Quick question how do you know if this is true or not what is your source for the info

  6. #192814donaldhampton_'s avatar.donaldhampton_

    She put black AMERICANS in jail for none violent crimes

  7. #192817breanna_2626's avatar.breanna_2626

    The camera man was 1/10 people there and only cause he had to be. Trust me nobody in Florida wants you there 😘

  8. That’s a pretty strong comment. Do you personally stand in line with it? Or did you copy it from somewhere?

  9. #192822a.supremeultimatenova's avatar.a.supremeultimatenova

    Styling my poor feet ain’t good enough for chucks

  10. #192823szilard.szabo.31586's avatar.szilard.szabo.31586

    jol elcsalták a választást..

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