Kesha – So happy and proud of this country to see the first woman of color run @iiswhoiis

So happy and proud of this country to see the first woman of color running on a major party presidential ticket.  She reminds us we can’t take our democracy for granted and with hope and work there is a rainbow at the end of a storm.  It’s just another day in quarantine, but one day we will be telling our daughters and friends the story about this day. Stay safe out there and vote!

Here is the Latest Update from Kesha from Her Instagram @iiswhoiis. if you are the biggest fan of Kesha and love to see her photos daily you can bookmark our website ( InstaSharing ) to find the Daily Latest Update from Kesha.
Kesha Rose Sebert, known mononymously as Kesha, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper and actress. In 2005, at age 18, Kesha was signed to Kemosabe Records. Her first major success came in early 2009 after she was featured on American rapper Flo Rida’s number-one single “Right Round”.

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  1. She does not support LGBTQ and either does Biden. Is on camera saying marriage is between a man and woman

  2. #174456rowdy.riles's avatar.rowdy.riles

    Yes, I’m so glad Angela Davis was picked As Howie Hawkins VP. I love you Kesha, but Kamala is no advocate for BLM and the other important movements like Medicare for all and affordable housing and supplemental income. The Green Party is who people in your position should advocate for, especially right now when we need real change and not just a change of regime that is keeping minorities and lgbt people down and poor and keeps cops on the streets helping to maintain the status quo. Kamala Harris puts trans women in men’s prisons and is no friend to us.

  3. #174457rowdy.riles's avatar.rowdy.riles

    she’s a strictly conservative slave laborer who put trans women in male prisons and thinks it’s totally okay for
    Her to have smoked pot but if anyone else smokes it BOOM into the slave pool if the US prison system.

    Fun fact; in California this year the forest fires are raging, and the free prison labor they had isn’t there to fight the fire and help because Of covid. But guess what, convicted felons, who regardless of training and actual on the job trained ability can’t be firefighters in a laid capacity because they’re felons

  4. #174458thenatelliott's avatar.thenatelliott

    I come from a country where it’s mandatory to vote so it’s hard for me to understand why people don’t want to have a say in how their country is run but I’m very invested in your country and looking forward to a time where I can return to it – I really hope this election can be a positive change for everyone.

  5. #174461dion.okdie.5's avatar.dion.okdie.5

    Kesha LIFETIME PRESIDENT 2020🔥❤️🔥

  6. 💚💚💚💙💙💚💚💚💚💜💜💜

  7. #174466_stephanielynn__'s avatar._stephanielynn__

    Ugghhhh another celebrity I need to unfollow… smh they have everyone brainwashed I swear

  8. #174470cosmoblondie1721's avatar.cosmoblondie1721

    Same woman who wants to legalize prostitution and supports women selling their bodies. Are you on board with that? Wow

  9. #174471trevorlee451's avatar.trevorlee451

    Sleep your way to the top ladies.. not based on merit or skills these days.. 👏

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