Leonardo DiCaprio – To survive, our global economy must work with nature, not against it. @leonardodicaprio

To survive, our global economy must work with nature, not against it. Time to reset.

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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is an American actor, film producer, and environmentalist. He has played unconventional roles, usually in biopics and period films. As of 2019, his films have grossed $7.2 billion worldwide, and he placed eight times in annual rankings of the world’s highest-paid actors.

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  1. #195115muriloeduardoborges's avatar.muriloeduardoborges

    grateful for your work in the face of the environmental crisis 👏👏👏👏

  2. Please watch Down to Earth on Netflix such important information

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  4. #195122mariamsoghoyan1's avatar.mariamsoghoyan1

    ⛔ SOS from Armenia ⛔
    Dear Leonardo
    I am writing this letter to you as you have a large audience in the international arena. The Azerbaijani side together with Turkey launched open missile attacks along the entire line of the Republic of Artsakh, targeting also the peaceful settlements. All this can have very serious consequences.
    Please use your resources to inform the international community about it. We are Armenians and we want peace. Now we are writing this message to all famous people in the world. We hope you do not ignore our request.
    Maybe you have never had anything to do with Armenia or Armenians, but here we are talking about ordinary human lives, people who have become innocent victims of political clashes.
    The joint call of all of you will definitely weaken the current aggression, otherwise it may become dangerous not only for of the Caucasus but also for the whole of Europe.
    We believe that you will help us to stop this inhuman evil. Thank you ❤

  5. #195123theleap_org's avatar.theleap_org

    Hey Leo! Just sent you a DM about a short film we released with BLM co-founder Opal Tometi, Emma Thompson, Nnimmo Bassey, and Gael Garcia Bernel and activist Naomi Klein. A Message From the Future depicts the world we could live in if we dared to learn from this pandemic. If you are moved, would love for you to share

  6. #195128xx_silverprincess_xx's avatar.xx_silverprincess_xx

    The world also produces waste that contributes to the environmental pain. Waste of technology, manufactures, food, vehicles and much more. We make and make only to throw away. For what so elites can carry one walking with deep pockets.

  7. #195129freeenergy.generator's avatar.freeenergy.generator

    اگر برق تان به هر دلیلی قطع شد سه تا مبدل هندسی مغناطیسی بسازید یکی برای یک موتور الکتریکی زیرش باشه یک واسطه مبدل هندسی مغناطیسی بزرگ برای افزایش دور یک به بیست و یا بیشتر و یک مبدل هندسی مغناطیسی بزرگ برای زیر ژنراتور . هم وزن را مهار کردید و هم وزن را به گشتاور و دور بزرگ اضافه کردید . اینجور برق اضافی یا انرژی رایگان بسیاری میتوان تولید کرد . مصرف موتور اگر 100وات باشد شما میتوانید تا 6کیلوات برق تولید کنید .یعنی 60برابر . اگر ژنراتور را با مگنت های نئودمیم بروز شد قوی طراحی کنید میتوانید نیروگاه بزرگ محلی بسازید . محبت حق نژاد

  8. #195130freeenergy.generator's avatar.freeenergy.generator

    تولید انرژی رایگان  و پاک به هر میزان  و تولید برق بدون نیاز به هیچ سوختی . با فرمول های تخصصی  انجمن فری انرژی ایران  @irfreeenergy و@freeenergyiran     برای کلیه صنایع کوچک تا نیروگاهی بزرگ

  9. #195131kadriye_yalcinkaya's avatar.kadriye_yalcinkaya

    Keşke bunları düşündüğün kadar,desteklediğiniz,baskanlarınızın,milyonlarca ailenin evine düşürdüğü ateşide,parcaladiklari hayatlarıda,akittiklari milyonlarca Müslüman kanınıda paylaşabilseniz görebilseniz,doğruya onlar müslüman.seninki; ben vejetaryanim,dolayısı ile bı canlının katledilmesi yemesi bana göre değil,diyen birine benziyor ki;herşeyi bilime bağlayan o ahmak,bitkinin de bir canlı olduğunu eminim daha iyi biliyordur..seninki şuna benziyor,milyonlarca balinayı katlederek elde edilen parfümu üzerine sıkıp, evinde kedi besleyen hayvansever görünumlu kişiye benziyor..yinede doğa yokolmasın evet,paylaşımlar güzel ama samimi değil!

  10. #195135adam.goomba's avatar.adam.goomba

    Screw the great reset and communism !!

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