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As the majority of American people, our global community and our extended family of humans helplessly watched a man die on television… I too, was exposed to the atrocity of blatant barbarism,  ruthless cruelty and unmitigated lack of humanity.  A handcuffed man, pleading for his life lay prone with the full weight of a man sworn to defend the peace on his neck. The victim of this heinous act of cowardice, George Floyd, told the officers that he could not breathe. As he called for his dead mother, how could our collective hearts not break as his face was ground and mashed firmly into the pavement by those sworn to protect him, and all of us? Justice, I desperately hope, will address the horror of Officer Chauvin’s nonchalance and indifference to his participation in the agony, suffering and ultimately the murder of our fellow traveler George Floyd in a grotesque illustration of the abuse of power!!!
There is no way to make sense of what is senseless. There is no way to restore a life that has been taken. Just as there is no way to un-break a heart that is broken.
What we can do is make a vow to ourselves that racism and the ignorance inherent in such judgmental ugliness that it gives birth to, is NO LONGER AN OPTION!!! THERE MUST BE A CHANGE!!! DEMAND IT!!!! My dear friend and brother, Killer Mike – (Run The Jewels), is a brilliant musician, artist, activist for social justice and the son of an Atlanta Policeman. He is also, one of the kindest, most caring and loving human beings that I’ve ever had the pleasure and honor to know!!! I beg everyone to listen to the remarks of this true statesman. True statesmen have never been so needed, and they’ve never been in such short supply.
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John Christopher Depp II is an American actor, producer, and musician. He has been nominated for ten Golden Globe Awards, winning one for Best Actor for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and has been nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Actor, among other accolades.

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  1. Our society has long ignored the truth and the truth is that most of the time ppl turn a blind eye especially if it’s not our loved ones being treated appallingly . The longer we let things go the longer ppl in power take it as a nodd to do wt ever the fk they want.. Nothing changes with 10ppl but 10s of hundreds 10s of thousands someone is going to take notice.. This applies to every injustice in life

  2. This is what is being human, choice to like, or dislike of people, or things, human can be verry cruel, because I have no power, no fame, my way of dealing with cruelty, near me is to think how to help if towards me, I walk away from it, that it is the best I do.

  3. And so many more lives lost since. Still a lot of work to fight racism in America

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