Kamala Harris – Breonna Taylor was only 26-years-old, working to save lives during the @kamalaharris

Breonna Taylor was only 26-years-old, working to save lives during the pandemic.

We need real police reform to ensure justice for Breonna’s family. ?:@asherald

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Kamala Devi Harris is an American politician and attorney who is the 49th and current vice president of the United States. She is the first female vice president and the highest-ranking female official in U.S. history, as well as the first African American and first Asian American vice president.

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  1. @kamalaharris you are just mad you didn’t get to lock her up and get more free labor out of her

  2. Breonna Taylors boyfriend shot at police. The police shot back in self-defense. Breonna Taylor got caught in the Crossfire. Blame her atupid boyfriend. Not the police. It is tragic that Breonna lost her life. R.I.P !

  3. I guess you didn’t look at any of the documents that just came out? You were a prosecutor? Suuuure

  4. She’s a thug! Wtf are you trying to promote here?? This is why I can’t support you even tho I’m a lib. Can’t do it. Your judgement is too far off.

  5. #blacklivesmatter including the life of #BreonnaTaylor thank you for taking a #StandUp4HumanRights @kamalaharris

  6. And had a vehicle with a dead body in the trunk! And her boyfriend fired at the police first! ??

  7. She absolutely did not deserve to die , please get your facts straight she did not save lives during the pandemic she was FIRED in 2017 she was a drug dealer

  8. If providing dope heads more dope is now considered “saving lives during the pandemic” then half of NYC and Chicago should be up for the Nobel Peace prize.

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