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Kamala Devi Harris is an American politician and attorney who is the 49th and current vice president of the United States. She is the first female vice president and the highest-ranking female official in U.S. history, as well as the first African American and first Asian American vice president.

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  1. If we can give vaccines away to save lives, then why not insulin and chemo? Please ? #universalhealthcare

  2. There is no such thing as free. Someone pays for it and I think it’s me in the form of more taxes.

  3. Can we get free student debt cancellation as well Madam VP. 63 million Americans would love that

  4. Can they give you a free ride to the border so you can actually do your job?

  5. Are there free Uber rides for refugees escaping persecution from violence and corruption that the US has someone been involved in or should they “just not come.” Smh

  6. Why are people getting rewarded for doing the right thing. No one gave me a reward when I went and got my 2 shots and my grandkids there’s.

  7. If you find that you have to few people wanting vaccines in the US, A LOT of us outside the US would love a dose or two. No bribes necessary❤️

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