Leonardo DiCaprio – A new lizard species discovered in #Ecuador has been named after Nemon @leonardodicaprio

A new lizard species discovered in #Ecuador has been named after Nemonte Nenquimo, an Indigenous activist and member of the Waorani nation from the Amazonian Region of Ecuador.

She is the first female president of the Waorani of Pastaza and co-founder of the Indigenous-led nonprofit organization Ceibo Alliance (@alianzaceibo). She was also one of @TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020 and a 2020 winner of the prestigious environmental @goldmanprize. πŸ†

This lizard, Nemonte’s Anole (Anolis nemonteae), is the largest anole in southwestern Ecuador and distinguishable by its daytime activity and beautiful colors. A few fun facts:

🟒 At night, these lizards have been found sleeping horizontally on banana leaves.
🟒 Pregnancies are estimated to be about 4 months long.
🟒 Their irises are reddish brown.
🟒 Though not yet evaluated by IUCN, they are likely to be critically endangered given deforestation in the region.

The Nemonte Anole was discovered by researchers from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, @uofnm, @inabio_ec, and the University of Guayaquil. Researchers chose to name the anole after Nemonte Nenquimo to honor her successful campaign and subsequent legal action to protect the Amazon rainforestπŸƒ and Waorani territory from oil extraction in Ecuador.


πŸ“· (Nemonte Nenquimo) Mateo Barriga / @AmazonFrontlines
πŸ“· (lizard) Juan C. SΓ‘nchez-Nivicela (@jcsn_herps)

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