Leonardo DiCaprio – Coral is a critical habitat and resource to fellow species – it’s also @leonardodicaprio

Coral is a critical habitat and resource to fellow species – it’s also responsible for beautiful sandy beaches. Unfortunately, half of the world’s coral reefs have been devastated by industry. Together we can #rewild our world to maintain some of our favorite places to rest and restore.

Here are two ways we can help them recover:

🟢 Establish Marine Protected Areas
🟢 Grow coral in nurseries and return them to damaged reefs

Watch this latest video from our @rewild series celebrating the @unep Decade on Ecosystem Restoration for a deeper look at the wonder of #coralreefs.


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Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is an American actor, film producer, and environmentalist. He has played unconventional roles, usually in biopics and period films. As of 2019, his films have grossed $7.2 billion worldwide, and he placed eight times in annual rankings of the world’s highest-paid actors.

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  1. I do cannabis beach clean ups with friends once a month in lbc. We do the same area once a month and that same area has more lbs of trash every month. And that’s only in the same area we clean once a month! 🤯 it’s bad…😏

    Thanks for all your efforts Leo. It’s nice to see peeps who care about nature. We need it. 🌷

  2. “The future of the planet depends on us”. Man should stop going everywhere and consuming excessively! Show the example Sir …

  3. I wish the earth was fine. I wish our hearts were well, I wish everything and everyone was fine🙏🙏🙏

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